Our record company offers artists the opportunity to access our knowledge in the music and entertainment industry. It offers the possibility of having access to all types of services such as:

Coaching, conseils

We attach great importance to the artist's artistic universe and help him/her to move from ideas to a concrete artistic project. We have knowledge on different levels which allows us to intervene in all the artistic process. We have artistic directors who can guide the artist in his creative process by providing vocal coaching in particular but also by proposing to improve the musical aspect. We share our experience in the field of contemporary music. We help musicians choose the recording location and make the right decisions about signing a contract or choosing potential professional partners.


The manager is a person who is fundamental in the development of an artist since it is he who will surround the artist as a whole. He manages his planning and the procedures related to booking. It is an intermediary who gives credit to an artist in the sense that it makes programmers and other music professionals understand that the artist is surrounded. This not only makes decisions more professional, but also relieves the artist of administrative burdens and allows him to concentrate on his creations and the preparation of live scenes. 


Our record company distributes the musical projects of the label's artists mainly, but it can also decide to offer a simple licensing contract to an artist / group that wishes to market its project under the label's name. As we need to have regular contacts with the artist / group in order to achieve this, it is necessary to contact us to present us your project and your objectives. Only then will our team meet to decide whether or not to accept to release the single, EP, album. 


Today, there is a strong demand from groups to be able to perform on stages, whether in clubs, festivals, private events and demonstrations. We offer this possibility since we organize several events per year. We work in collaboration with other structures that ask us to propose groups to them.


We offer other personalized and customizable services such as the possibility of asking us any questions related to your difficulties in your development. There is no miracle, artistic development takes time as well as the acquisition of notoriety and it is therefore necessary to be persistent. 


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