Having completed a managerial training in the field of contemporary music, Jonathan Morard will be able to answer your questions. In addition, he or she will be able to explain to you the commitment a manager makes and what tools it is important for him or her to master in order to do his or her job well.

En résumé, un manager est celui qui soulage l’artiste / le groupe notamment concernant l’aspect administratif et lui permet ainsi de se concentrer sur son art. C’est aussi une personne qui connait bien les  professionnels de l’industrie musicale et qui va aider l’artiste à prendre les bonnes décisions. Il le soutien dans l’ensemble de sa carrière artistique et lui donne des pistes sur les différentes possibilités de faire évoluer ses projets, de trouver son public.

What does an artist manager do? Is it important in an artistic career to have someone who helps you in your career? How is a manager remunerated?

As an artist, these are recurring questions to which he must find answers before committing himself. Choosing a manager is first and foremost finding someone with skills, but it is also and above all, finding someone you can trust to whom you can entrust your management. This decision should not be taken lightly, especially since nowadays, many artists are just trying to sign a contract, without questioning the clauses and their needs. Signing a contract means making a long-term commitment and in this context, it means having great opportunities or on the contrary being stuck for a long period of time. A manager is someone who knows how to make the right decision at the right time, he is not taken emotionally like the artist by his music. He is therefore better able to help the musician in the decisions and commitments he makes. Trust also occurs when the manager advises against a choice to be made by the artist. We must not be able to say things to each other, not out of kindness, but out of kindness, and this cannot necessarily be done if the artist chooses a friend as his manager.

Do you want to avoid the pitfalls that will create tensions and promote your career?

"The manager is responsible for monitoring the artist's or group's career in every detail. He represents him to all professionals in the music industry... The manager is the conductor, who will work to ensure that all the artist's contacts work together. »[1]

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[1] Bigotti, Jean-Noël (2011), Je monte mon label : guide pratique du producteur de phonogrammes. Paris : IRMA, p.61


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