We are a structure that aims to bring out new talents by offering an exhibition but also professional support. Officially created in 2018, the label has specialized in the development of young talents from different musical worlds over the long term. This website is dedicated to music professionals and curious fans. We have all the other social networks at our disposal to promote and promote the exhibition.

Concerning the discovery of new talents, we rely mainly on artistic talent, stage performance and interpersonal skills. Our work is human and the feeling is therefore a decisive element in our decision to support. We always take time to analyze the requests received, whether it is for artistic accompaniment or simply for the distribution of a musical project through the label.

What best represents Big Fam Records is its openness, through the production of various musical styles such as current music (house, future bass, Trap,...) as well as acoustic music (Rock, Folk, Metal,...) in Switzerland and abroad. We have several production partners and a professional recording studio to carry out quality projects. We attach great importance to the artist's universe and help him/her to create a professional show. Most of the time, we work with artists, musicians who are passionate about their art and who wish to develop a long-term musical career.

Our experience and skills in the field allow us today to create promising projects and to intervene throughout the artistic process.

Independent label for electronic and acoustic music based in Switzerland. Our structure began its development in 2016 and has a long-term focus on the development of various artistic projects. It accompanies, advises and supports the development of the musical careers of artists in Switzerland and abroad. It offers a part dedicated to the artists produced by the label as well as another part by offering the possibility to other musical groups to appear in a booking catalogue without direct engagement with the label. Our structure sometimes organizes musical events to promote the label's artists.

Artists can also have access to management and access to our network of professionals in the music industry. Our support is humane and respectful of the artists' artistic universe. Our approach is focused on innovation and the desire to make product projects grow.

Each artist is an actor in the development and evolution of the label through his different projects and creations. The label's partners strongly encourage and promote the meeting and exchange between the label's artists, which can even lead to a collective project. You have to know how to dream while keeping one foot in reality. The label is unifying in the sense that it goes beyond the individuals who make it up. A collective project is always richer than a solo project.


  • Advice

  • Project follow-up

  • Making video clips

  • Search for grants

  • Digital and physical distribution

  • Selection of songs and preparation for recording

  • Studio d'enregistrement, arrangements, mixage et mastering

  • Artistic direction in connection with the image of the artist and the label

  • Budget for musical development and creation of a financing, marketing and promotion plan with our partners and the media.


  • Coaching

  • Planning management

  • Help in creating merchandising

  • Assistance to the artist's communication

  • Work on promotion and marketing management

  • Partner searches (publisher, label, agent, turner)

  • Contract negotiation (tourer, publisher, record company)

Publishing : Édition musicale

Big Fam Publishing is in the process of being created and offers emerging groups a follow-up of their editions by the label. For international and well-known groups, we find partners such as majors to take care of music publishing.



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