A booker or commonly known as an agent is familiar with the operation of venues, concert halls. He is in charge of promoting and proposing groups to the venues and then makes sure that they are well received. He negotiates the fees and takes care of the details related to the organization of the event. Concert halls like to collaborate with agents rather than artists. An artist has less distance and does not always know how the venues offering concerts work, which explains why some groups have difficulty booking themselves.

An agent is the person who carries out all the steps to find dates for an artist in a concert hall, a club, an event... in exchange for which, he receives a percentage (about 15%) on the fee he has negotiated.

There is not necessarily a need to establish a written contract with a booker, but it is always advisable to sign an agreement in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Looking for more gigs? You don't know how to find an agent? Would you like to become an agent for a band?


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