Unholy Pagoda is a Rock/Post-grunge band created in 2013 by 4 childhood friends. The
heavy guitar riffs and nervous, protestant vocals reflect their original influence:
Nirvana and punk rock in general. The rhythmic reminds us of Pantera and affirms the metal as
second major counterpart of the group’s musicality. The more Pop melodies are the worthy
inherited from the Beatles. A musical atmosphere with multiple shades, sometimes close, sometimes close, sometimes opposite.

Unholy Pagoda is on the one hand the sanctity of music, as a means
to externalize his ills, and on the other hand, a message that is destructive, critical and far from everything
dogmatism. The words, often ironic, denounce human cruelty as well as
than blind conformism. With regard to love, music appears to them
as a cathartic means par excellence.

2014 was the year of the band’s first concerts and first serious recordings. In
2015, the demand is more frequent and the group is performing in some places
of greater importance, such as Bleu lézard or space 44 on the occasion of the Regional
Rock, Lausanne.
In January 2016, the group’s first album with 10 tracks was released: « Just behind ». The
The opening of their album took place in Disc-à-Brac and was a success. Selected at a
competition to play at the music festival, they perform on the stage of the Docks de la
central place, in Lausanne. Two new recordings are made at the D-AMF studio
during the same summer. The desire to professionalize and move forward is stronger than
never. In December 2016, they switched to Couleur 3 and presented their album released in January.

In 2017, concerts outside Lausanne are becoming more and more frequent, as in
Geneva (Villa Tachini, Makhno, etc.) or Vevey (Wet Mouettes, Festival Animai, etc.). 2018
has been conducive to the writing of new songs and many concerts such as the
Bouffon de la Taverne in Geneva, at the inauguration of the Dr. Gab’s factory and at the Veytaux Festival
in June.

For 2019, a single and a new 5-track EP entitled « Satori » are planned. The dates are
multiply and the idea of a tour in France and elsewhere in Europe takes shape.


1860 Aigle, Suisse



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