Je t’aime Post Punk, New Wave


Trained in Paris, JE T'AIME (DanyBOY, Tall Bastard & Crazy Z.) released his first post-punk single, "The Sound" in 2018.

The positive reception of the public pushes the trio towards writing their first opus, "Je t'aime". If the project echoes the great Manchester Factory era, it is on the Brittany coast that the band isolates itself during the summer, following sleepless nights and sonic researches.

In the end, eleven tracks are written and finalized - including the electric "Dance" the bewitching "Watch out! "or the tangy "Spyglass" - a mix of Manchester post-punk mixed with a smithian-style illuminated cold wave.

The album was released in May 2019 on Manic Depression and Icy Cold Records.

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1860 Aigle, Suisse



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